Multi-Gas Detectors / Monitors / Gas Alerts Calibration Service:

Jubilant Calibration and Measurement Services offers service and calibration of Portable Single Gas Detectors, Calibration of Monitors and Multi Gas Detectors across UAE.

These Gas Alerts and monitors are mainly used for the early detection of toxic and flammable gases. It is very important to understand the amount of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane content in the air. The amount of these gases needs to be under constant check inorder to ensure the implementation of safety monitoring requirements. So, it is very essential to ensure that Portable or Multi-Gas Detectors are in proper working condition.

Calibration of Gas Detectors is mainly done for its sensors. There are different types of sensors, mainly Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane. These sensors should determine the level of the gases accurately and the system needs to alarm accordingly.

Calibrations of these Multi-Gas Detectors needs to be done periodically. However, the time gap is recommended by the manufacturers as well as, on the type and quality of the sensors. Most manufacturers recommend it for every 6 months.

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Jubilant Calibration and Measurement Services LLC is one of the pioneering calibration laboratories in the UAE, providing wide range of calibration services with finest quality.

We provide comprehensive calibration and repair of temperature, pressure, mass, force, dimensional, electrical, torque, general laboratory and process control equipment.

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