Flowmeter Calibration:

Flowmeters are often used for measuring the flow of gas or liquid which needs to be calibrated periodically as recommended. This is essential in order to determine the accurate flow at any given point of time. Sometimes due to the repeated usage or rusting of the internal parts, meters become corrosive or tend to get damaged. Due to these reasons, servicing is also recommended; else it could hamper the accuracy of the flow rate.

At Jubilant Calibration and Measurement services, we offer the service for the calibration of flowmeters. We have implemented unique methods for measuring the flow of liquid. We have our comparative methods and formulas inorder to determine the proper functioning of flowmeters across UAE. Following are some of the flowmeters that we can calibrate.

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Jubilant Calibration and Measurement Services LLC is one of the pioneering calibration laboratories in the UAE, providing wide range of calibration services with finest quality.

We provide comprehensive calibration and repair of temperature, pressure, mass, force, dimensional, electrical, torque, general laboratory and process control equipment.

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