Dimensional Equipments:

  • Digital/Dial/Vernier Calipers

  • Digital/Analog Micrometer/Micrometer Stand

  • Digital/Dial Indicator/Indicator Stand

  • Gauges like Weld gauge, Pit gauge, Fillet gauge etc

  • Laser Distance meters

About Us

Jubilant Calibration and Measurement Services LLC is one of the pioneering calibration laboratories in the UAE, providing wide range of calibration services with finest quality.

We provide comprehensive calibration and repair of temperature, pressure, mass, force, dimensional, electrical, torque, general laboratory and process control equipment.

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Contact - Jubilant Calibration

Off No: 06, Baghdad Street,
Near Dubai Grand Hotel,
PO Box No: 231658,
Al Qusais Industrial Area No:2,
Dubai, UAE.

Ph: 0097142671550
Fax: 0097142677160
Mob: +971559745237
E mail:sales@jcmsd.com

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